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A Simplon Primary Log Log ten inch slide rule. slide rules page). Lords Calculator signed R Waddington Coventry, early 20th century, serial number K & E / Keuffel & Esser Thacher Slide Rule / Calculator in Box w/ Manual This # Thatcher K & E / Keuffel & Esser 20 Inch Stadia Rule. The standard slide rule scale length of 10 inches, or 25 cm, was no doubt a relic of the standard inch, or 1 foot, measuring rule and gave sufficient –. The slide rule has 7 scales, as well as a centimeter and inch scales. The only scales that are labeled are on the back of the slider. They are: S, L, T. The. scale on the common inch slide rule of the 20th cen- tury. One can resolve fully 4 digits inch calculating scales on a longer slide rule body. We. Slide rule is in excellent used condition, no added markings. 20 inch scales, rule is approximately /4 inches lifebelavino.rur case has some surface wear and. In the 20th century many special purpose slide rules were made from various kinds of paper or card, and from light sheet plastics once plastics became a common.

Includes a brown plastic case. Slide rule: 5" dia. Case: 5 1/4" H. 8th item: Dietzgen P 20 inch Maniphase slide rule. Comprised of one. Keuffel & Esser K&E 20”(Inch) Surveyor's Slide Rule (No Case Or Log Tables). Sold See similar items £ Buy It Now or Best Offer, £ Shipping. Mine is a Dietzgen Polymath Multiplex, decimal trig type log log rule. I have a 20 inch scientific slide rule for extra precision, that my great uncle.

INCH RULE. N POLYPHASE (Mannheim) Slide Rule,. K&E Adjustable, in., engine divided. The first slide rule, constructed by William Oughtred in , essentially put two Gunter scales next to each other, so that distances along the scale could be. slide rule: × × cm (1 5/8 × 20 9/16 × 5/8 in.) leather case: × × cm (2 3/16 × 20 7/8 × 1 5/16 in.) Material. The Faber-Castell 2/83N in particular may be the finest slide rule ever made by I could graduate it for a 20 inch rule instead of as for a 10 inch rule.

The is a 10" Mannheim style slide rule with specialized scales. The is a 20" version of the same rule. A variant of the rule was offered from to. Invented in the s, slide rules were widely used through the 20th The inch spiral scale is much more accurate than a standard inch rule. The Castell '20 inch' slide rule c Before pocket calculators, you used one of these (or maybe the shorter 10" version) for quick calculations.

- 20 Inch 'Merchants' Slide Rule (c. ) ; ID: ; Maker's Name: Keuffel & Esser Co. ; Where made: USA ; c. ; Dimensions: × 5 × cm. A slide rule is an analog computing device comprising two rules - pieces of wood, metal, or plastic with scales engraved with the mantissas of numbers'. Hemmi P Corporate Performance Analysis Slide Rule. Duplex. Plastic. Vintage Eugene Dietzgen P 20" Inch Wooden Maniphase Slide Rule w/ Case *READ.

These formulas can also be used to check an altitude calculated by another method. With good visibility a inch rule, estimating to better than 2'.5, might. Some engineering students and engineers carried ten-inch slide rules in belt holsters, and even into the late s this was a common sight on some campuses. Unlike an ordinary ruler, the numbers on a slide rule scale aren't spaced on an even, linear scale. Instead, the numbers are spaced using a special "logarithmic. The slide rule is used primarily for multiplication and division and for functions such as Mine is a beauty – a K&E inch Log-log Duplex Decitrig”.

12v spotlight bulbs|2009 challenger r t Instructions for The Calculating Slide Rule, Made in Six Sizes 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, and 24 inch, and for The Rietz Rule (10, 15, 20 inch). A typical ten-inch student slide rule (Pickett NT simplex trig) accuracy of readings, permitting a inch slide rule to serve as well as a inch. However, Pickett literature would refer to 10 inch and 6 inch slide rules! At least one 8 inch model 30 inch cube root and 20 inch square root scales. Pilot Balloon slide rules like this one were used by meteorologists in the weather A standard slide rule or a slightly modified 20 inch trig rule was. sizes: 8 inches long (), 10 inches long (), and 20 inches With these nine scales, an skillful slide rule user is able to perform the. Pocket rules are typically 5 inches. Typically the divisions mark a scale to a precision of two significant figures, and the user estimates the third figure. I'm the only Engineer I know who even owns a slide rule. Slide rules are great at getting a good estimate of the answer to a problem that is all multiplication. Some high-end slide rules had magnifying cursors that basically doubled the accuracy, permitting a 10 inch slide rule to serve as well as a 20 inch. As mentioned before, the slide rule is a calculator. By using various scales, a sliding central piece, and a cursor (the outermost sliding piece with a vertical. me interested in slide rules and K&E. 20 cm scales on a 21 cm stock. decimal inches; in connection with the runner, a log scale.
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